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What does LIG Solutions offer for Medicare Coverage?

LIG Solutions makes getting Medicare, and Medicare Supplemental coverage plans EASY. As the leader in individual and family health insurance, you can rest easy that LIG Solutions can work with you to find cost-effective Medicare health insurance solutions across the country from the leading carriers that you know and trust. Since our founding in 2009, we have been the trusted advisor for hundreds of thousands of people just like you in giving you CHOICE while making it simple to get the coverage you need today and in the future.

We work with our members one-on-one to find the health insurance coverage that best fits their health and financial needs for individuals, families, and group needs while keeping in mind affordability and your budget and can do the same for YOU.

The team at LIG Solutions is licensed in all 50 states and works with all leading national, regional and local insurance carriers to ensure that you are getting access to the best plans available for your Medicare and Medicare Supplemental coverage and even major medical, short-term, Medicare, vision, dental, critical illness, life, and many other types of supplemental coverage options depending on your needs.

When you contact LIG Solutions, you will be connected to a licensed advisor who will be with you every step of the way to find the plans that best match your health and financial needs, answer any questions you may have, and go over the policy details to ensure you have the right coverage for you and your family.

Medicare is healthcare coverage for individuals 65 and older. There are many plans and coverage options to consider. LIG Solutions is your trusted advisor with certified advisors appointed directly from Medicare carriers, to provide you the best coverage options available. All our licensed advisors are up-to-date on policies and plans and will navigate the basics and coverage options that best fit your needs today and in the future. Talking with a LIG agent is free, we are here to help you!

We are dedicated to finding the right health coverage for you in 3 steps

Step 1:
Evaluating Your Needs

Our insurance advisors will provide a consultative approach to learning about your challenges and coverage needs.

Step 2:
Comparing Plans & Quotes

We’ll shop the marketplace on your behalf and provide plans and quotes comparisons from multiple insurance carriers within minutes.

Step 3
Enroll in a Plan!

Once you’ve decided on a plan that meets your coverage needs, we’ll immediately begin the enrollment process over the phone with easy payment setup!

Medicare Advantage (Part C)

Provides the option of buying coverage through a private health insurance company. Advantage coverage includes most of the same services as Parts A and B, but also includes additional benefits since it’s through a private insurance company.

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Medicare Part A & Part B benefits can be included

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Dental, vision, & hearing benefits can be included

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Prescription drugs, tests, & exams can be included


Does not include hospice care

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Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)

Medicare Part D is a prescription drug coverage plan. This is an optional benefit and is administered by private carriers. Drug coverage varies by plan.

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Can be added to any other Medicare insurance plan

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Specific brand name & generic prescriptions can be included


Does not cover non-medically essential prescription drugs


Does not include drugs, inpatient at the hospital, or non-prescription

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Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)

This plan was designed to stop “Medicare gaps” especially if you are enrolled in Part A and Part B plans since they don’t cover everything. This additional coverage is through a private insurance company. Open enrollment is the best time to opt-in because insurers cannot set your premiums based on pre-existing conditions or health status. During open enrollment, they are required to accept your application for coverage.

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Helps pay for remaining costs original Medicare often does not cover, including copayments, coinsurance, & deductibles

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Guaranteed renewable even if you have health problems, your policy cannot be canceled as long as you pay the premium


You cannot purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) alone; you must have Medicare Part A and Part B


Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) does not cover prescription drugs, must join Part D for drug coverage

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Ancillary Medicare Coverage Options


Dental, vision, and hearing insurance help pay for the costs of visits to the doctors for basic or preventive services. This can include dental options like teeth cleaning, X-rays. Vision coverage helps offset the costs of routine eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts prescribed by a specialist or medical doctor. Hearing coverage can include hearing benefits and discounts on hearing products.

Critical Care Insurance

Critical care insurance is intended to pay a cash lump sum payment for covered illness such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer and more. LIG Solutions can get the coverage you need – before you need it.



Life Insurance

LIG Solutions can get you virtually any insurance product from most insurance companies in your state for the best price! Our unbiased focus is finding a product to meet your needs. We consider your immediate, short- and long-term financial goals and custom design a program or portfolio that meets those objectives, keeping in mind your family and your budget.

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LIG Solutions is a trusted advisor helping find health insurance coverage that best serves individual, family, and group needs, while keeping in mind affordability and budget. We are thought leaders dedicated to offering true solutions for our members to help navigate today’s complex health insurance market. At LIG Solutions, we are fully committed to the health insurance marketplace and the programs and products we offer.

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