OEP Word of Week Six: Procrastination

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OEP Word of Week Six: Procrastination

The final stretch is here! We are in week 6 out of 7 for Open Enrollment 2021. LIG's word of the week is PROCRASTINATION. If you need health coverage for 2021, do not delay and wait until the OEP deadline, December 15 to contact LIG. Our licensed advisors are available 7 days a week to assist you with finding the right plan for you, your family, employees, or your business.

After Open Enrollment, coverage options are limited.

Take advantage of the Open Enrollment Period happening now! All ACA-compliant plans are available through the marketplace through December 15. Affordable Care Act plans cover pre-existing conditions and subsidies could be offered depending on your financial status. LIG's licensed advisors are available to guide you through coverage options, qualification for subsidies, and ensuring your doctors and prescriptions are in-network for your new coverage.

There is less than a week left of Open Enrollment. This is the busiest time of the year for LIG's licensed advisors. During the last week of OEP, we are expecting to have longer than usual wait times connecting you to advisors. Do not procrastinate!

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