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Case Study – How the Members of the United States Professional Tennis Association Stay Healthy

United States Professional Tennis Association partners with LIG Solutions for a health insurance solution for their members

Healthcare insurance was one of the most frequently requested services by USPTA membership, but finding the right program proved challenging.

“We asked our insurance broker to investigate healthcare insurance, but there was always a drawback,” said Dasch. “They had to guarantee numbers, or the plans didn’t fit the budget or the needs of the members. Still, it was always something the association wanted to do.”

Health insurance broker LIG Solutions approached the USPTA with a solution. There needed to be a range of insurance options for members to match their health and financial status, lifestyle, and employment situation. However, the program needed to roll out smoothly with turnkey support that required minimal organization involvement for the association.

LIG proved up to the task, releasing a program with the USPTA in 2019 that engaged more than 692 members in the first year.

Read the full case study in the Fall 2021 LIG Solutions Association Magazine