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Daily Health Habits That Could Reduce Your Dementia Risk

Daily habits to reduce dementia.

Studies have shown that daily habits, like prioritizing dental health and household chores, are associated with a lower risk of dementia in older adults. So what habits can help contribute to your brain health?

Maintaining a healthy smile will help prevent harmful bacteria that could be a contributing factor to cognitive illnesses. The imbalance of good and bad bacteria can lead to gum disease which has been linked to cognitive decline in older adults. You can keep your teeth healthy by brushing your teeth twice a day and staying on top of your oral hygiene routine.

Cleaning the house is good for your overall well-being! Daily activities like washing the dishes, organizing the laundry, working in the yard, and cooking get you physically up and moving and are similar to low intensity exercise. Household chores engage the brain too!

Exercise is good for everyone of all ages. In older adults, exercise is connected to developing a lower risk for dementia. Some physical activity incorporated into your day is better than none at all. Activities like walking the dog for 30 minutes or doing a muscle-strengthening exercise like working with resistance bands will enhance your health benefits. We suggest consulting with your doctor to establish a healthy workout plan that works best for you.

Keeping up with your oral hygiene and staying physically and mentally active can help you live a healthier life and reduce the risk for cognitive decline as you age. LIG Solutions is committed to helping Americans get health coverage regardless of their age.

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