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Mentally Preparing for Back to School & Work

tips to reduce stress when returning back to school and work

As places continue to transition back to in-person events like school and work, the thought can be intimidating. While everyone’s routine was shifted and uprooted all at the same time, the transition back to normal activities is different for all. We are all feeling the effects of the adjustments, what are some tools to make this process easier?

Plan Ahead

The more prepared you are, the smoother the change will be. Review your work or children’s school’s safety precautions. Create a new routine and structure to follow – this can help relieve anxiety. Do walk-throughs of the school to remind kids of the familiarity or what to expect for the upcoming year. Your routine for this upcoming year will look different than previous years and that’s okay! Anticipate roadblocks and try to keep an open mindset for flexibility. Adjusting is a process and it will take time.

Setting Boundaries

Creating a new routine for work, home, or self-care that supports your mental health and wellbeing can be a positive change. Turning off or limiting tv/phone/computer screen time and social media during set hours of the day, can help create distance from time-consuming mindless scrolling. Establishing an exercise, sleeping, and nutrition routine are other ways to create boundaries for yourself. If you can use the time off, away from work or school, take it! Everyone needs a break sometimes.

Open and Honest Communication

Create a safe and welcoming environment to check in with yourself or your loved ones. Are you excited or worried? What challenges do you feel that you are going to encounter in this change? As a community, we know that the pandemic is going to have long-term effects from isolation, depression, anxiety, and loneliness. When you start to feel stress setting in, talk about it! If you are struggling – reach out to your coworkers, leadership, managers, HR, anyone who can help you navigate this change.

Mental Check In

If you notice someone you care about having concerning behavioral changes – mood swings, sleep issues, lack of enjoyment or concerns of safety, academic issues, avoiding school/work, reach out to professionals. A pediatrician, physician, therapist, or counselor can help evaluate and provide recommended steps.

Regardless of which method works for you – be patient with yourself as you adjust. The transition can and will vary from person to person! LIG Solutions is here for you during this time. Through the Affordable Care Act, all health insurance plans cover mental health and preexisting conditions. Get the help and coverage you need to start your new normal.

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