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National Move More Month

national move more month

Throughout the whole month of April, the American Heart Association recommends physical activity every day to help maintain overall health. Staying active decreases your risk for disease and has been proven to help with mental health. In a world where remote working has become a new normal for some, here are some reminders to incorporate additional movement in your daily activities. 

Aim for a Goal: 10,000 steps a day is the standard recommended movement, to earn health benefits. If you are just starting to incorporate more movement, start small and work your way up to a goal! Once you accomplish this, maintain or increase it.

Stretch it Out: Help your muscles relieve some tension, reduce your risk for injury – and let your mind relax. Stretching for even 10 minutes a day has proven to be beneficial to your health. Many streaming services or online videos provide short stretches you can incorporate in your day, whether that is at the start, middle, or end! 

Kids Corner: Bring the kids to the playground, have a dance party, go on a family walk, get outside and enjoy the spring weather! 

Regardless of what you do, motivation, dedication, and small steps can add up to huge strides in your health. When you establish a routine, it can become a habit that can help you continue your journey to a healthy lifestyle. 

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