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LIG Solutions Leads Way on Health Reimbursement Plans

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Cleveland, Ohio (June 24, 2021) — According to a report in Small Business Trends, 78 percent of enrollees of individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) plans are small businesses. The report also revealed that non-profits and associations account for 20 percent of early enrollees.

These numbers speak to the increasing need of companies to identify more efficient ways to control costs and expenses related to employee health insurance benefits programs, while at the same time providing employees with more flexible and customized coverage options are candidates for health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) plans.

LIG Solutions, an early adopter and advocate of the HRA approach, offers companies, associations and organizations a robust suite of HRA options to choose from.

“Health insurance benefits have never been more important to employers and employees than over the last year and HRA programs help businesses, associations and other organizations cut through the clutter and offer coverage plans that work for everyone,” said Jason Farro, CEO of LIG Solutions.

HRA programs deemphasize the one size fits all approach and offer an innovative solution to traditional health insurance programs. How does an HRA program work?

HRAs are affordable solutions that are not insurance, but rather a way for employers to assist their employees with paying for their health coverage premiums. Employers set a defined amount of money to reimburse health insurance premiums for the individual health plan that employees choose while maintaining the same tax-favored status for employer contribution as a traditional group health plan.

“The HRA approach is ideal for companies looking to provide their employees with more options and the ability to keep costs in check,” said Tim McNichols, executive director of partnerships for LIG Solutions. “HRAs allow employees to pick insurance that works for them and not be tied to inflexible programs.”


HRA Plan Benefits

  • Affordable low monthly costs for employers and employees.
  • Flexible coverage for part-time, those working in different states, and at a variety of life-stages.
  • Major medical ACA plans, Medicare and supplemental options including dental/vision/hearing, critical care, accident, life insurance and disability coverage can be added.
  • Most plans do not have restrictions based on business size.


Licensed in all 50 states, LIG Solutions specializes in offering comprehensive, turn-key insurance solutions for individuals, families, seniors/Medicare, groups, businesses, associations, societies, NGB, membership organizations and other affinity groups.

LIG works with all leading national, regional and local insurance carriers to ensure that individuals and groups have access to the best plans available for major medical, short-term, Medicare, vision, dental, critical illness, life, and many other types of supplemental coverage options.

With more than 30 years of combined experience in the health, life, and Medicare insurance industry, LIG has successfully distributed more than 60,000 insurance policies nationwide per year and delivers member benefit programs centered on health and wellness initiatives to drive retention and engagement with the communities/marketplaces they serve.

Is an HRA the best solution for your business? Contact LIG to learn more about the LIG HRA group plans!


About LIG Solutions

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, LIG Solutions is recognized as a top employer in Northeast Ohio and is changing the way individuals, families, businesses, and groups across the country shop and enroll in healthcare products. The company specializes in offering comprehensive, turn-key insurance solutions for individuals, families, seniors/Medicare, groups, businesses, associations, societies, NGB, membership organizations, and other affinity groups.

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